Land Rover TD5 engine tuning for the Discovery & Defender models

GATE Demon Tuning & Diagnostics information

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The GATE Demon has been developed to help make accurate adjustments to your boost pressure by adjusting the waste gate valve on the Garrett GT20 Turbo. Can also be used to check for ceased or sticking valves, when a valve sticks the normal factory settings will change, boost pressure will increase sending the ECU into Limp mode and often results in damage caused to a your intercooler when its pressure limits are exceeded.

The unit comes with a Schroeder valve fitted so the use of any air pressure tool from a bicycle pump to an air line can be used to set the desired boost pressure, fitted with a 30 psi gauge and silicone attachment hose.

Please Note:

When your waste gate valve is adjusted to raise the boost pressure from your Garrett Turbo, you will require a BOOST Demon to stop your ECU going into Limp mode.

Performance Intercoolers lower intake air temperature increasing the oxygen content they also work under higher boost pressures, if you run a standard intercooler we recommend boost pressure is kept below 20 psi for heat generation limits and to reduce the risk of damage to its cooling tubes, especially for vehicles fitted with the original factory intercooler.

If you are increasing your performance disable your EGR valve by removing & blanking the vacuum pipe, for best performance use an EGR bypass kit

In good condition your engines performance can be increased to 200 + hp depending on the performance parts fitted, in the interest of safety make sure your brakes, steering and suspension parts etc. are in good working order (if in doubt go to your nearest Land Rover specialist and have them run a diagnostics health check first)

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