Land Rover TD5 engine tuning for the Discovery & Defender models

BOOST Demon Tuning & Diagnostics information

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Turbo boost controller the Boost Demon for Land Rover TD5 engine tuning

The BOOST Demon has been developed with 10 settings to make adjustments to your ECU’s fuelling map by controlling the amount of diesel entering your injector solenoids & allow the boost pressure of the Land Rover TD5’s Garrett GT20 Turbo charger to be increased above 15 psi. without the ECU going into Limp mode.

There are a number of ways to alter & adjust your TD5s fuelling to gain more power, we decided to develop an intelligent method that would be simple & easy to install, be compact in size and work reliably by controlling the information gathered from existing sensors.

Land Rover Technicians developed a reliable system to keep your TD5 running and get you to your destination, even if certain sensors stopped functioning .. your ECU is programmed for such eventualities and the reason why our products are designed to function in exactly the same manner.

We use the latest high speed parallel tasking Micro Controllers working in real time and offering 100% fail safe intelligent operation including pre-programmed safety overrides including, high or low and rate of rise temperature detection of engine, air, fuel etc., coming to you complete with 10 digital settings easily selectable to match your optimum running requirements, they are cost effective, have proven built in long term reliability and carry a sensible price tag.

The unit comes complete with simple to follow instructions and bracket to attach onto your M.A.P. sensor having easy access & located at the top of your inlet manifold. Fitted in 15 minutes or less using 13 & 8 mm spanners by any competent DIY enthusiast or one of our supplier / installers.

As with all of our range of tuning controllers fitting is simple, fast & reliable .. just Plug-in & Go making performance tuning easy ..

NO need to remove, cut or joint any of your ECU / ECM wires !!

The entire Diablo Demon Tuning range of products are manufactured using quality OEM grade cables, parts & connectors.

Please Note:

If you fit the Boost Demon you can make adjustments to your injector fuelling and increase your Turbo pressure up to 25-30 psi., however if you run a standard intercooler we recommend boost pressure is kept below 20 psi, especially for vehicles fitted with the original factory intercooler. Boost can be increased 25 to 30 psi using a performance intercooler. Our Gate Demon is the ideal tool to help set your Turbo boost pressure, no guessing the correct psi, can also be used to test for faulty or ceased waste gate valves.

If you are increasing your performance disable your EGR valve by removing & blanking the vacuum pipe, for best performance use an EGR bypass kit

In good condition your engines performance can be increased to 200 + hp depending on the performance parts fitted, in the interest of safety make sure your brakes, steering and suspension parts etc. are in good working order (if in doubt go to your nearest Land Rover specialist and have them run a diagnostics health check first)

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